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Peregrinations, the title word implying a journey or pilgrimage often over time and a great distance, is a collection of poems that explores poetic verse in and of itself. The poems range from the simple to the complex in both form and content. One poem leads the reader to an observation toward a butterfly, another bewails a lost love, others take the form of a silly or vicious narrative, or even ponder the deeper meanings as to the place of 'the individual' in the context of the grande scheme of things. The work of a singular author, Peregrinations is published without attribution. Each book comes with a either a sun or moon bookmark. First 100 orders will receive exclusive 'clouds print' variation First 25 orders will receive a handwritten manuscript of one of the poems in the book. Free Shipping Release Date 1 January 2024, Shipping same week

$ 50.00 USD